Mythos - Biography
Mythos - Canadian duo, founded by Bob D'Eytom (keyboards) and Paul Schmidt (classical guitar), playing in the style of New Age. His first album, the duo released in 1996 titled…
Acoustic Alchemy - biography
Acoustic Alchemy - Modern Instrumental džazovaâ group. Created in England in 1981 two guitarists with classic muzykalʹnym Education: Nick Webb (Anglo. Nick Webb), igravšim guitar with metal strunami, and Simon…
Vangelis - biography
Vangelis (GRECO. Βαγγέλης; rod. March 29, 1943, Volos) - famous Greco composer, one of First-e-music singers, author saundtrekov to many izvestnym movie. Full Name Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou,
Bill Douglas - Biography
Bill Douglas was born in Canada, 7 November, 1944. His father played the trombone and pel in one of the orchestras, and mother played the organ in church. Muzykalʹnym first…
Emma Shapplin - Biography
Emma Šapplin (fr. Emma Shapplin, real name Christel Žoliton, 19 May 1974, Paris) - French singer, vystupaûŝaâ in the genre of classical Crossover.
Aeoliah - Biography
Eolia (Aeoliah) was born in Germany in 1950. In desâtiletnem age on immigriroval in USA with your family. In 1972 he graduated from University of Art in New Mexico. His…
Philip Aaberg - Biography
Philip Aaberg (Philip Aaberg) (born 8 April 1949) - American pianist, keyboard player and composer. He received recognition thanks Mezhdunarodnoe series uspešnyh fortepiannyh records izdannyh on Windham Hill Records.
Craig Armstrong - Biography
Craig Armstrong (Anglo. Craig Armstrong, r. 1959, Glasgow, Scotland) - composer classical music, kinokompozitor, dvukratnyj Laureate Award BAFTA in the category "Highest music to movies." Armstrong Worked over the music…
Edward Simoni - Biography
Edward Simoni (aka Edward Krok, Poland., And silent. Edward Simoni; rod. 7 August 1959, Bytom, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland) - Polish-German panflejtist, keyboard player, guitarist and composer. In childhood, Edward poseŝal…
Michel Legrand - Biography
Michel Jean Legrand (fr. Michel Jean Legrand, 24 February 1932, Paris) - French composer, pianist, arranger, Conductor, singer.
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