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Deva Premal (Deva Premal) one of the three best performers of ancient mantras and sacred songs in the world. Her albums The Essence, Love is Space, Embrace and Dakshina, where she takes great mantra * the world, took first place in popularity ratings musical direction New Age and broken all records in polls preferences in yoga studios and meditation centers and healing throughout the world.

Last album Premana Devas (Deva Premal) Moola Mantra for a few days became the number one in the ratings

* mantra - a sequence of words, filled with strong positive vibrations

Deva Premal (Deva Premal) and Mitenev first met in India, Osho Ashram, the great mystic of the twentieth century. Their work grew out of their love for the teacher and literally permeated deep meditation experience obtained during the years of their life with the master. You will certainly feel ethereal vibrations emanating from the vocal and instruments that prompted us to call this series "More than music ...".

Since 1991, the couple lived and worked together, giving about 50 concerts a year around the world. "Our inspiration and life purpose is to give people across the globe the opportunity to come together and sing the mantra in meditation and celebration," - says Deva Premal (Deva Premal).

Since 1993 the world has sold more than one million audio CDs with recordings of music Premana Devas (Deva Premal) and Mitena. Drives sold today in more than 50 countries - the US, Germany, UK, Australia and many others.

In Russia, the first three albums - Dakshina, Songs for the Inner Lover and The Essence - were published August 28, 2008 release of the new three discs - Embrace, Moola Mantra, The Soul in Wonder - took place in December 2008. Drives Devas Premana (Deva Premal) Mantras for hard times, Love is space and Satsang will be available in Russia in March 2010,

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