Behzad Aghabeigi - Biography

Behzad (full name - Behzad Aghabeigi) - Iranian guitarist, was born in Tehran and c 13 years playing classical acoustic guitar.

In 1990 he moved to London, where it ends with a BA degree in Economics. Along with teaching, he also wrote material for their future albums.


His first two albums "Gypsy Renaissance" and "Strings of Desire", have had great success in the US market. The album "Luna y Sol" Behzad offers original instrumental compositions. His compositions - a vibrant mix of national Iranian and Spanish motifs, which are mixed in a cocktail-style New Age. Originally issued on the label Baja / TSR Records, now created his own label Behzad, which reissued their previous albums and releases new.

Performances around the world, with groups such as Fantasia and Futuro Flamenco gave him the opportunity to show their talent abroad.

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