Neil H - English composer, compose music in the genres of Ambient, Relax and Healing New Age music. Neil was born in Plymouth (UK) in 1973. His interest in music manifested itself in 14 years at music lessons at a local secondary school.

Playing on a small synthesizer, he was able to create and manipulate sounds. This led to the understanding of how music can be created using the intuitive images are not trained to the traditional methods of composing music. Until now, he never took piano lessons, and continues to develop his musical experience, retaining its intuitive nature, which allows it to create a very beautiful music.

"I love the feeling of freedom alone with the music, using music as a channel for self-expression. I play intuitively and touch, passing through itself texture of rhythm and melody, created as a result of various soundscapes that can uplift and inspire. "

"I feel very happy to share my music with others, creating a space of calm and relaxation for everyone who is connected with my music."






 Neil H - Biography

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