Faranak Shahroozi - Biography

Faranak Shahroozi even at the tender age of 5 years beginning listen to music and play the piano. Before the move to America, she studied music in Iran, received a bachelor's degree in classical music, playing the piano. Faranak was very inspired by all the events that have happened in her life, such as the Iranian revolution, meeting interesting people,

travel the world and explore different cultures. This is evident in the writings of her songs.

She was always very musical, playing the piano Faranak unique and comparable with such great musicians as George Winston, some even call her a woman-Yanni.

Her poetic way of playing the piano touches people's hearts. Whenever you hear her music, you know that it can only play Faranak because of its recognizable style. Persian music - part of the legacy Faranak, it takes most of the popular folk and wedding motifs.

She currently lives in California and is working on his 3rd album in collaboration with Preston Glass (produced stars like Whitney Houston, Diana Ross Jermaine Jackson and many others).






 Faranak Shahroozi - Biography

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