Lukas Termena - Biography

Lukas Termena was born in Poland. In 2005, he began to compose music Chillout and realized that Chillout and Ambient - is his passion. A year later, a young and talented musician released his first album «Dreams» with the support of the radio «Horyzont», radio «Bawelna», Space Music, and many others. Some time later,

Lucas singer Cassi Luv recorded a single called «Lonely Girl», and a month later he released a new album "2000 Miles to Heaven» (trans. "2000 miles to heaven") with the support of the studio «Falling Records».

This album includes the most interesting compositions that were written by Lucas at the time. His sets and compositions are often broadcast on radio DI.FM, his tracks are included in the compilation of such eminent ChillOut as Beatiful Voices from the MDB, Shining Sleep by Igor Shalin (Solarsoul), ChillOut Sundays, and many others, including future releases AquaMarine. In 2011, with vocalist Lukas Termena Angelika Borof recorded the single "Searching".

In 2013 - the release of his latest album at the moment, "Salem".

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