Hayley Dee Westenra (p. April 10, 1987, Christchurch, New Zealand) - New Zealand singer of Irish-Dutch origin. Her first album Pure was released in 2003 and reached number one in the charts in the UK classical music, only sold 2 million CDs worldwide.

Haley has received numerous awards for her contributions to music, both in New Zealand and other countries. In November 2008, she was named "performer of the year" in London. Pure became the best selling album of contemporary classical music, and Westenra aged 16, became a star of the classical scene. 

Since August 2006, Westenra joined the Irish group Celtic Woman. Hayley has also participated in the recording of Mike Oldfield «The Music of the Spheres», where she performed a composition «On my heart». 

At her parents, Jill and Gerald Westenra, two more children, Sophia and Isaac. Family Music: grandmother Shirley Ireland was a singer, and her grandfather was a pianist who also played the accordion. 



Hayley Westenra (2001) 

Pure (2003) 

Odyssey (2006) 

Odyssey (UK Version) (2006) 

Celtic Treasure (2007) 

West Side Story (2007) 

Treasure (2007) 

River of Dreams (2008) 

Winter Magic (2009) 

Paradiso (2011) 


Official Site: HayleyWestenra.com

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