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Diego Modena (Modena Diego) - composer, soloist and artistic director of the "Ocarina". Born in 1961 in Buenos Aires. 

 In college, Sayat Agustin in Buenos Aires, where he studied, music lessons were mandatory.

In 12 years, he was able to perfectly read, count and impressive to play the flute. While studying at the Conservatory, he met the "transverse" flute. Continuing his education, he specialized in Andean flutes and other South American instruments such as the ocarina, pan flute and "quena".

At 21, he founded his own band called "MAIZ" performs works of contemporary music and Argentine folklore. Together with five Argentine Diego Modena musicians toured the capitals of South America, Italy, Sweden, Spain, France ... His talent, friendliness listeners to his personality reflected in his passport with numerous invitations from cultural centers in Sweden and Holland with requests to give Diego lessons, play concerts and participate in performances with other artists of jazz, jazz-rock and fusion jazz. On a sunny afternoon in 1991, in Paris, there was an event that changed the fate of Diego Modena. At a recording studio, Diego met with Paul de Sennevile, producer and composer Richard Klaudermana. Paul de Sennevile said, "You - a musician, I was looking for. Come immediately to our studio: I am working on new songs and I am sure that together we can do something good." Within three days, was born Song for Ocarina. In Song for Ocarina mixed with pan-flute, ocarina and cello, to the rhythm of reggae. The first album, entitled "Ocarina", was released in France. For 18 months, has sold over 1.9 million units. Abroad, the album was certified platinum in Chile, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain; Gold in Colombia and Hungary, not to mention the wonderful sales in South Africa, the USA, Turkey, Taiwan, Germany ... Diego Modena never seen without a suitcase, where he kept his most prized possessions and musical instruments. Open the bag and you will find the mysterious future flute in all forms of solutions of unknown sounds. Their beauty is already estimated in the music world, thanks to Diego Modena. 


For 10 years, he studied flute inca in Indian communities in the Cordilleras and the Andes. Diego Modena made hundreds of tours in South America, Asia, 15 countries in Europe, where his concerts have been broadcast on radio and television. Actor and producer also known as the director of musical performances. In 1992, together with his band "ocarina" he took first place in the tops sales in France, Spain, Benelux and other European and Asian countries. 57 albums Diego Modena and "Ocarina" were awarded the status of "gold", and worldwide sales reached 3 million! Group "ocarina" works in one of the most popular genres - world music. Alloy Latin, classical and jazz sounds performed live instruments (flute, cello, saxophone, piano, guitar, drums), and electronics. The name is derived from the name of an ancient tool "ocarina", which plays and artistic director DIEGO MODENA. 


Diego Modena and his group with the original name "Ocarina" traveled the world, and throughout their performances aroused keen interest and sincere responses public. In today's variety of musical currents Diego Modena was able to find his niche, he created an image of a thin lyrical musician with an unusual tool for Europeans in their hands - Ocarina - clay flute with a gentle, slightly sad tone. Touching tunes ocarinas, like the instrument itself, a native of the Indian of the Andes. Working on his own musical style, Diego Modena weaves unusual sounding ocarinas in the context of contemporary musical culture. He mixes the sounds of ancient Native American Flute Voices cello, saxophone, piano and guitar, which, like the paint on the canvas, draw their clear musical line on a background of electronic sound of the rhythm section. 


Modena often adds to the image and create music with bold splashes of computer sound effects. Someone said that "Ocarina" playing ethnic music, someone calls the selected musicians genre - a fusion ("fusion"), who is using the most common and mnogoohvatnym term world music ("world music"), but not so important how exactly the word to name the resulting community of musicians in style, the main thing that this style is original and unique. Outstanding musicians albums have earned immense popularity.

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