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By David Arkenstone (DAVID ARKENSTONE) - storyteller and hoaxer, writer and musician, mysterious and incomprehensible figure in the world of music New Age. His music is unique and is of great interest around the world, about his work with respect respond as ordinary music lovers as well as eminent professionals.

Today, the world of modern New Age music is quite impossible to imagine without the revolutionary (and this is no exaggeration!) Works of this great American composer, multi-instrumentalist and writer-storyteller. Despite the fact that his work as a whole, of course, can be attributed to the best examples of New Age, he calls his style of music is very multi-faceted "kinematic new age rock" or even "new impressionism." In this case, David explains that, in general, very difficult to attribute it to some specific music genre. It - it's just what he lives. According to music lovers, art by David Arkenstone can be characterized by the term "musical fantasy". 

David seriously interested in music as a child, when his family moved from a provincial town, not far from Chicago to sunny California. The boy listened with great interest all that he could to get it. In high school and college, David was involved in many groups and collectives, performing popular music. Here, it is fair to say that prior to entering college at Arkenstone had two great passions - music and baseball. It was only while studying David finally made their choice in favor of music. While he puts a lot of effort in writing and performance, leads a group performing a progressive rock, and repeatedly crosses the entire length and breadth of the country on tours. Then it began as a unique formation Arkenstone composer and performer. 

Somewhat later, David has focused on the creation of serious music projects, crystallizing his own sound. The advent of computer music systems in which, finally, has been implemented synthesis possibilities of musical instruments and computers gave new impetus to his work. David realized that it was his time and he can fully realize their dreams, creative plans and abilities. Here's how he says it: "Technological progress has made some amazing tools for creating music. Computer allows me to fully realize my ideas and clothe them in the form that I dreamed of." 

Devoting himself to study music in 1987 Arkenstone issued at the studio "Narada" their debut album "Valley In The Clouds" ("Valley of the clouds"). This CD is immediately attracted the attention of the audience and the critics, becoming a notable event in New Age music. Active creative collaboration with the studio by David Arkenstone "Narada" successfully continued. In subsequent years, this firm have been released such brilliant programs as "Citizen Of Time" ("Citizen of Time"), "Island" ("The Island"), created in collaboration with Andrew White, and collaboration with David Lanz (David Lanz) and bones (Kostja - alias talented Russian musician, a few years ago he moved to the United States) "The Spirit Of Olympia" ("The Spirit of Olympia") and many others. It's safe to say that David Arkenstone albums are the pride of the studio "Narada". 

Beginning with the release of the album "Valley in the Clouds", it drives fell into the top ten of the charts of Billboard magazine in its genre nine times, more than anyone else. And his albums have twice been in the first place ("Citizen of Time" '90 and "In The Wake of the Wind" '91), and for the album in 1991, he was awarded the Grammy. With each new record Arkenstone not just composing new powerful, symphonic or melodic songs, it creates a full-scale dramatic stories and fairy themes to accompany their music. 

In 1997, with the release of his Arkenstone album "Spirit Wind" ("Spiritual Wind") - the soundtrack to the film "Legend of the Spirit Dog", filmed for the popular science TV channel Discovery Channel, has joined the firm Windham Hill. The total number of discs sold them exceeded one million. 

Arkenstone speaks about his work as follows: "It is a pleasure to combine his work in many different styles. Classical, world music, rock, new age - here are some of the areas that I use. And I weave out of your music, full of adventure and discovery. I always loved the sound of the orchestra. Now, it seems to me, I have a great opportunity to combine the best from the world of acoustic music with the best of the world of electronic. ""I am aware of myself as a storyteller and musician. I was influenced by the music of the great classical composers such as Tchaikovsky, Sibelius and Copland, progressive rock bands, such as" Yes "and" Emerson, Lake And Palmer ", and equally works the great science fiction writers and works of Tolkien. As a composer, I appreciate the opportunity to create a sense of adventure by means of music. I am very pleased to read the reviews of my fans that my work helped them make fascinating imaginary journey. "

Creativity by David Arkenstone is not limited to the release of the albums. His interests are always divided between baseball and music. His music is used in laser shows, organized by "Laserium" (Laser Images, Inc.) and publicly displayed in many of the largest planetariums USA. In 1997, the music sounded Arkenstone in figure skating show called "Stars on Ice" ("Stars on Ice"), where he was invited by a famous figure skater Scott Hamilton. Channel NBC Sports ordered him to broadcast music competitions in gymnastics, 1997 in Denver. Talents and hobbies Arkenstone are as diverse as his music. In addition to composing and performing music, he is developing a three-dimensional graphic images on a computer, writes screenplays and ... in spite of everything continues to play baseball! 



The most striking work by David Arkenstone, no doubt - this is his famous "Trilogy" that shines in the necklace of his creations like three purest diamonds.

"Trilogy" - it's actually three albums, called "In the wake of the wind" ("In The Wake Of The Wind"), "Wandering Warrior Dreams" ("Quest Of The Dream Warrior") and "The Return of the guardians" ("Return Of The Guardians "). They are all united by one idea, common characters and locale. 

Action "Trilogy" occurs in some fantasy world, where the vast ocean of scattered islands. This world is like the islands of Oceania, Polynesia and Hawaii: there is the same warm and gentle climate, exotic plants and animals, bright and colorful festivals. However, people living in this paradise, unaccustomed to traveling by sea and totally forgotten them, for fear the terrible hurricane named Shadow of the Lion (Lion's Breath). Victim of the hurricane, and became the father of the protagonist of "Trilogy", a young man named Endolin (Andolin). Throughout his life, the young man held on an island in the vast archipelago, the Emerald Isle (Emerald Isle). And one night a huge butterfly invites our hero on an amazing journey. Butterfly brings him to distant lands, where he becomes the owner of the mysterious talismans and embarks on a voyage on the boundless ocean on a magical ship named "Star Dancer" ("Stardancer"). This is the beginning of the album "In the wake of the wind," the first part of "Trilogy". In his voyage Endolinu would see many wonderful lands to witness the amazing events, in which he was helped magical talismans. 

In the second part of the "Trilogy" ("Wandering Warrior Dreams") describes the difficult and dangerous mission to a little girl named Kyla (Kyla), which was to save his country from the sinister darkness and find his father. Like any good fairy tale, the story ends happily, too. 

The final part of "Trilogy" was called "The Return of the Guardians." Many years have passed after the uneasy victory over Lion's Breath, and Endolin old. Tired and lonely, he travels on his new ship "Wanderer" ("Voyager") (built instead of lost it "Star Dancer"). Suddenly his ship killed, burned paper. Endolin remains on the bank in an unknown place for themselves, not far from some village ... But this is only the beginning of the third sound, "book", "Trilogy". Ahead of the hero again waiting for a lot of wonderful experiences. Probably the most important of them - a meeting with a young woman named Kyle (with grown-up girl - the heroine of the second part of "Trilogy"). Her fate was very dramatic. Saving of fire baby, she badly burned. Burns disfigured her face, and since then, Kyle wears a mask made of soft fabric. But in her life (as in life Endolina in the first part of "Trilogy") appears magical butterfly, which takes Kyle in an amazing journey through the magical country. And the girl is trying every way to help its inhabitants. After the meeting, Kayla and Endolina, they continue to journey together, to face serious challenges and find the source of the magic of "living water" that returns them to the lost youth and beauty. And at the end of "Return of the Guardians" our heroes are updated (they are after all, is the very Keepers Fairy Land, coming at a difficult moment to help its inhabitants!) Continue the journey on the bounce to them "Star Dancer" in search of new wonders, amazing discoveries and glorious deeds. 

Considering the construction of a "literary" part of the "Return of the Guardians", it should be noted that the story is "strung" on the go "guiding star", passed from one to another magical constellation. And it really gives the story a special charm. Also notable kind of "symmetry" of the narrative, as in the last of the trilogy there are two heroes of her first pieces. In the creation of the literary "support" to the second and third parts of "Trilogy" Arkenstone helped famous writer Mercedes Lackey (Mercedes Lackey), author of several books in the style of "fantasy" and, incidentally, a great admirer of his talent. Here are some remarkable results can give a creative collaboration of two truly talented and creative people! And the music becomes more than the music, and the book - more than a book. 

Well, the music is "Trilogy" - is a whole world, full of exciting multi-style melodies and sounds. Perhaps this music creates a sound picture of the fantastic saga, can be called a symphony in the New Age style. By the way, to record a number of songs "Trilogy" by David Arkenstone invited a symphony orchestra, in this case it is very well integrated into its rich variety of music, "decoration" from ethnic motives to almost medieval chant. And, despite the fact that the music is shaped Arkenstone, he provides each part of the "Trilogy" gorgeous cards Fairy Land, not to mention the "literary supplement"! 

"Trilogy" was a huge success worldwide. Its first part, "In the wake of the wind" (along with the album "Citizen of Time") took first place in the charts "Billboard" and even won a "Grammy". 


Celtic epos 

As a true master of his craft, David Arkenstone does not stop there, and turns its attention to musical folklore and legends of the ancient inhabitants of the British Isles - the mysterious tribes of the Celts. Big fan of the Irish group "The Chieftains", ever since I saw them perform at the end of the 70s, Arkenstone was fascinated by ancient spirituality and melodic and rhythmic possibilities of Celtic music. In his work, David has long used the most diverse folklore. His fascination with folk traditions manifested another "Island" and "In The Wake of the Wind", when he drew a record cheerful composition "The Stardancer" orchestra, consisting of more than 20 artists. The commercial success of artists like Enya, her former band "Clannad" and "Carlos Nunez" paved the way for the Arkenstone product works entirely based on Celtic folklore. 

In January-May 1997 at the studio "Windham Hill" it implements its ambitious project dedicated to Celtic music. In this recording, which was released in early 1998 and given the name "Celtic Book of Days" ("Celtic Book of Days"), was attended by 30 artists. As always, Arkenstone has provided us with his vision of ancient folklore, breathing new life into it and flourishing fresh bright colors and images, letting the music through its "magic filter". 

"Different moods of Celtic music fascinate me. It can be very mysterious, enveloping the fog of your imagination, can awaken within us a truly inexplicable joy or to identify the most noble, the most heroic qualities of our souls and inspire everyone who hears this music" - so said David about his new job. "Like classical music, Celtic folklore has a structure and requires a virtuoso performance and, as in all my work, it laid the numerous possibilities for images of ancient stories and the best transfer of related experiences. I realized that it is ideally suited for me. For I have this album - it's celtic music, passed through the filter of my mind. "

Although he played keyboards, guitar, mandolin, harp of ten, and even sang a few verses, perhaps the greatest achievement of Arkenstone on "The Celtic Book of Days" has been attracting a large, more than ever, the number of third-party musicians. The result was just as exciting and inspiring as the music mega show Riverdance. "Like most American listeners, I was captured by the energy and entertainment of the show," - he says. "Celtic tradition filled with passion. I tried to bring this music to some of the features of the 21st century, with not much coming off of the Celtic roots."

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