Keyvin Hu (Kavin Hoo) was born in Malaysia in 1975. At the age of five, he began studying music. Piano lessons under the guidance of his mother was for a small Keyvina, however, like any kid, heavy duty. In 1982 Keyvin began taking piano lessons from a local teacher Madame Wong Chi Kei.

She was strict but patient, and it is thanks to her lessons, he began to hear the intricate melodies and feel an irresistible passion for classical works by composers such as Claude Debussy and Ludwig van Beethoven. Since that time, he began to treat music lessons more seriously. At the tender adolescence efforts and persistence of fifteen Keyvina borne fruit: he received the highest marks in Southeast Asia in the exams to "Executive Certificate", which carries the London College of Music of the Holy Trinity in the 70 countries of the world. (Trinity College of Music, London is one of the leading examination boards in the field of performing arts, and communications). As is typical of youth, in the years Keyvin believed that music he already knows everything there is to know about it. But until then, until the age of 18, he became acquainted with jazz and did not understand that his musical journey has just begun. "When I first heard Keith Jarrett plays a" rural road »(« Country Road »), I was speechless. I have hair on my arms stood on end ... For me it was a very special moment, "- he told Hu. This moment became the starting point of a very emotional inner movement, which led to a desire Keyvina study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music University. Enrolling at Berkeley in late 1996, Keyvin was stunned by the level of talent and competition, which offers college. A wide range of opportunities for further development of the first forced Keyvina hesitate in his choice until he finally settled on the professional career of the musician-arranger. At the same time Keyvin interested in the production and engineering of electronic music, creating a full-fledged recording studio and record demos for local artists. Keyvin so well mastered keyboards, it surpassed its own expectations. "In fact, I did not know what might happen to me in Berkeley. I knew that I wanted to study jazz, but I learned about jazz is much more than just play jazz. I have learned to feel the jazz. " It was a turning point in the life of Keyvina he realized that he wanted to compose their own music. "I started writing songs when I was 12 years old, but I felt that I could not play them as I would like to hear them," - said Keyvin. So Keyvin recorded a demo with his own compositions and arrangements. "I have always been inspired by musicians like David Benoit, Dave Grusin and David Foster. Their extraordinary ability to do everything - from producing to writing music and its execution - became my role model, "- he told Keyvin about this period of his life.

Now Keyvina successful production company «Earthtones Studio» in Los Angeles. He produces and arranges for an Asian singer Tanya Chua (Tanya Chua), is co-produced all the records Corinna May (Corrinne May) (her latest song "Beautiful Seed" was the biggest selling album in Singapore in the first week of its release).

Keyvina song "Comin 'at Cha", written and arranged for Walter Beasley (Walter Beasley), performing compositions in the style of smooth jazz, rose to third place in the Radio & Records charts. Piano and instrumental albums under Keyvina Compass / Somerset label (there are more than 10) dispersed in the US alone more than a million copies. What does it mean today for the most Keyvina? He answers this question: "I just want to leave their mark on the world with his music. It does not matter to me whether it will hear one person or millions. "





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