Melody Gardot - Discography (2005-2015)

  • موزیک بیکلام: Yes
  • Artist: Melody Gardot
  • Year: 2005-2015
  • Style: Vocal Jazz
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  • Quality: Lossless |320 kbps
  • Duration: 03:21:37 (FLAC) | 20:02:20 (MP3)
  • Size: 1,5 Gb |2,66 Gb

  • Tracklist:

    2005 - Some Lessons
    2008 - Worrisome Heart
    2009 - My One and Only Thrill
    2009 - My One And Only Thrill - Live In Paris (EP)
    2012 - The Absence (Japanese Edition)
    2015 - Currency of Man (Deluxe Edition)

  • Tracklist:


    2007 - Worrisome Heart
    2009 - My One And Only Thrill
    2010 - My One And Only Thrill (New Edition)
    2012 - The Absence
    2012 - The Absence (Japanese Edition)
    2015 - Currency Of Man
    2015 - Currency Of Man (The Artist's Cut)

    Live Albums

    2009 - Live à FIP
    2009 - Live From Soho
    2009 - My One And Only Thrill: Live In Paris

    Singles and EPs

    2005 - Some Lessons (The Bedroom Sessions)
    2008 - Goodnite (E-Single)
    2008 - My One And Only Thrill EP
    2008 - Quiet Fire
    2010 - Bye Bye Blackbird EP


    2009 - Verve Today
    2014 - Autour de Nina

    As Special Guest

    2006 - Seth Kallen & The Reaction - Exhibit A
    2008 - Till Brönner - Rio
    2009 - Eddy Mitchell - Grand Écran (192 kbit / s)
    2009 - Phil Roy - The Great Longing
    2010 - Charlie Haden Quartet West - Sophisticated Ladies
    2012 - Baptiste Trotignon - Song, Song, Song
    2012 - Juliette Gréco - Ça Se Traverse et C'est Beau
    2013 - Federico Aubele - 5
    2014 - Pierre Aderne - Caboclo
    2015 - Vinicius Cantuária - Vinicius canta Antonio Carlos Jobim


  • Biography:

    American jazz singer Melody Gardot represents not only the boundless musical talent, but also a remarkable resilience, strength of will and courage that helped her win difficult circumstances and become that what it is now. Despite the passion for music and regular classes playing the piano, Melody did not plan to become a professional musician. But at the age of nineteen Gardo has experienced an event that radically changed her life.

    Riding a bike, Melody came under the wheels of the car for a long time and landed on a hospital bed. The consequences of the accident are still visible, the singer still has not parted with tinted glasses and a cane. She received a severe head injury and multiple fractures, not to mention the numerous bruises. In the days following this incident, short-term memory at Melody completely absent. It was during the restoration Melody for a fresh look at the music. Music therapy, to which it is addressed on the advice of doctors, was not the only road to recovery, but the first step to a successful career of jazz singer. Melody still could not walk on the ward, and has already started to learn to play the guitar and tape-recorded their first song. The result was assembled mini-album Some Lessons: The Bedroom Sessions, consisting of own compositions Gardo. These songs have strengthened in Gardo confidence. Returning to normal life, the singer has decided to publish a full disk. Unlike the majority of peers who opted widely sought after hip-hop or indie rock, she chose to work with classic jazz.
    The debut album was called Worrisome Heart. Gardo first released it independently, and two years later she signed a record deal with Verve Records, which is engaged in re-release of this album. Album liked how the audience and critics. The album was full of spirit left far behind years and at the same time sounded very modern and fresh. Now performing and songwriting talent of the young performer was obvious. One year later, Gardo prepared a new studio work, My One And Only Thrill. The singer has remained true to jazz, but the level of performance and arrangements became even higher. In just two years Melody Gardot forced to talk about himself all those who love and understand jazz music, convincing them that she had come to stay.






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