Raul Di Blasio - Discography (1983-2008)

  • Artist: Raul Di Blasio
  • Year: 1983-2008
  • Style: Instrumental, Piano, Latino
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  • Duration: 21 CD
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Raul Di Blasio born on 14 November 1949 in Fuse, Argentina. Great interest in the piano showed already in the age of 6 years. Following the recommendations of the parents to learn to play the piano, he began training to make a career of pianist.

His family had difficulties and he could not buy the piano, but he replaced this lack improvised means, for example, whistling tunes with his father, which allowed him to compose a melody. He continued his studies.

At 20, he moved to Buenos Aires, where he played for 12 hours a day. About that time, he said, "I felt like my fingers were getting their wings."
In the 27 years he has "gotten a second wind," surge of creative energy, then he decided to move to Chile, where he worked as a pianist in the bar. Despite the fact that he only had enough money to life, he was happy. Two years later he was invited to release their first album, which he did on their savings. The first album had no success then. But he helped with the second already producers.

Raul Di Blasio not only plays solo, but also well written with such Latin American singer-idols as Julio Iglesias, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Armando Mansanero, Juan Gabriel, Christian Castro (son of Veronica Kastro), Jose Feliciano, Jose Luis Rodriguez, and many others .
Music from his album "Barroco" was used in the Argentine television series "Celeste" and "Celeste, Celeste only." And also often used in the championships in figure skating.


1983 - Alrededor del mundo
1985 - Sur de América
1989 - El piano de América
1991 - Barroco
1993 - En tiempo de amor
1994 - El piano de América 2
1995 - Latino
1996 - Grandes exitos
1997 - Solo
1998 - Desde México
1999 - Bohemia (Raúl Di Blasio & Marco Antonio Muñiz & Armando Manzanero & José José)
1999 - Christmas
2000 - Bohemia, Volumen II (Raúl Di Blasio & Marco Antonio Muñiz & Armando Manzanero & José José)
2000 - Brasileirinho
2000 - De mis manos
2002 - Tango - Gardel
2002 - Y amigos
2003 - Clave de amor (Raúl Di Blasio & José Luis Rodríguez)
2003 - Los esenciales
2006 - La historia del Piano de América ... Los éxitos
2008 - Primavera

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