Armik - Romantic Spanish Guitar - Vol 1 (2014)

  • موزیک بیکلام: Yes
  • Artist: Armik
  • Album Name: Romantic Spanish Guitar - Vol 1
  • Year: 2014
  • Style: Flamenco
  • Country: Iran
  • Type: FLAC (image+cue)
  • Quality: 979 kbps
  • Duration: 00:51:09
  • Size: 371,7 Mb

Armik new album "Romantic Spanish Guitar. Vol. 1" has been 58 weeks included in the top 10 of New Age songs on Billboard.

This collection brings Armik particular style of love, sensuality and class. His new project is dedicated to romantic music. Each tune has a special significance and has been carefully selected. After listening to the album it leaves a lot of emotions and impressions. Virtuoso guitar playing and an amazing ability to combine different styles of Armik and music styles, such as flamenco, folk music and Spanish guitar, all his music attracts thousands and thousands of fans around the world.

01. Dancing In The Clouds [00:04:17]
02. Guitarra Poeta [00:04:19]
03. Romance De La Luna [00:04:37]
04. Lagrimas [00:04:47]
05. Hearts Desire [00:04:39]
06. Roses In The Wind [00:04:33]
07. Gypsy Waltz [00:04:31]
08. Sentimientos De Amor [00:04:40]
09. When I First Saw You [00:04:31]
10. Moonlight Stroll [00:04:34]
11. Poeta [00:05:38]


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