Dr. Jeffrey Thompson - Ambient Music for Sleep (2004)

  • Artist: Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
  • Year: 2004
  • Style: Ambient Music for Sleep
  • Type: Flac
  • Quality: Track image.+cue
  • Duration: 01:00:33
  • Size: 209 MB


Dr. Jeffrey Thompson - Ambient Music for Sleep (2004)


Dr. Jeffrey Thompson - Ambient Music for Sleep (2004)


Revolutionary system of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, developed more than 15 years of clinical research, will give you a deep restful sleep. Just listen to this smooth music at bedtime and specific inaudible sound frequencies, embedded in music, to help you fall asleep easily and naturally.


Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, a professional musician and healer - began his research in the use of sound for healing and to achieve altered states of consciousness in 1981.

Since then he has developed and patented several audio technologies and released a number of music albums that have received international recognition and is widely used by hypnotherapists, psychologists, healers for immersion in altered states of consciousness, stress reduction and normalization of sleep. The shape of most of the albums in this series - the enchanting space music, but a special sound processing makes them even and powerful tool for relaxation, stress relief and rehabilitation.

Scientific studies have shown that the human brain is in a constant state of bioelectrical activity, and each function and mental state has its own unique pattern of this activity.

Established that rhythmic external influences on the senses (eg, flashing lights or audible rhythms) with frequencies inherent in a state of relaxation, drowsiness, sleep or creative enthusiasm (alpha, theta, delta rhythms), lead to a kind of "response" brain brain, a corresponding change in its bioelectric activity.

Using modulation technology allows you to "build" different rhythms in the structure of a wide variety of sounds (musical instruments, human voices, natural sounds, etc.) so that these rhythms are no longer recognizable to the human mind, however, continue to influence the activity of the brain.

01. Ambience [00:30:11]
02. Ethereal Dreams [00:30:22]

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