Peter Weekers & London Starlight Orchestra - The Golden Pan Flute (1987)

  • Artist: Peter Weekers
  • Year: 1987
  • Style: Instrumental
  • Type: Flac
  • Quality: Track image.+cue
  • Duration: 01:05:13
  • Size: 339.23 MB

One of the best albums of instrumental music recorded Peter Weekers in collaboration with London Starlight Orchestra.

Peter Weekers - Dutch musician (born in 1953) artist on panfleyte and other wind instruments. Graduated from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, has recorded a dozen solo albums on panfleyte. As a musician involved in the theater and the theater group Werktheater Appel. Since 1977 he has worked with musical group Flairck, in 1980 left the band Flairck and focused on his solo career, recording albums "Fata Morgana", "Mamadeus", "Behind the bamboo fence" and "Rhapsodies". In 1986 he returned to the group Flairck not only as a musician but also as a composer. The result of collaboration with the Belgian guitarist Francis Goya (Francis Goya) in 1994 became the recording of the album Together. In 1995, Anette Visser founded musical-theater company Zenga which also involved prinmal his sister Erika and Hans Visser (Hans Visser), which in 1980 was replaced by Peter in the group Flairck. Among Zenga, Peter is responsible for personnel, decorations, texts, production and management issues.

00. The Lonely Shepherd [00:04:26]
00. Memory [00:04:01]
00. To All the Girls I've Loved Before [00:03:36]
00. Annie's Song [00:03:02]
00. El Condor Pasa [00:03:17]
00. Feelings [00:03:10]
00. Stranger on the Shore [00:03:41]
00. Air [00:03:44]
00. Love Story [00:03:33]
00. With You I'm Born Again [00:03:14]
00. Take my Breath Away [00:04:25]
00. Reverie [00:03:26]
00. The Rose [00:03:31]
00. Soleado [00:03:49]
00. Once Upon a Time in America [00:04:13]
00. Alcarrondas [00:03:32]
00. Douce Melodie [00:03:19]
00. My Way [00:03:05]

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